I Was Here

by Pamagotchi

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Debut album by Pamagotchi, created in collaboration with artists across the world.

Thank you to my wonderful family: surprise! I don't think any of you really knew what I was up to, but you loved me and encouraged me throughout. Los quiero.

Thank you to my amazing friends who have supported, encouraged and inspired me to take the first teetering steps into music.

Thank you to the hitRECord community; without you, none of this would have been possible. You inspired me to push myself, explore and create.

Special thanks to everyone who worked on this album; without you, none of this would have been possible. To RJ, Albert, Stephen, Mike, Justin, Joe, Julia, Megan, wirrow, Vickie and Chase for their help with the music, David and Lis for their help with the album name and Fractal Dust and Jason Angelone for creating the incredible album artwork and design.
Thanks especially to RJ who sacrificed sleep to master this album out of the kindness of his big beardy heart!

This album is free to download. Listen to it, share it, spread the word!
If you have enjoyed it, please consider making a donation to UNICEF. Donate what you would have paid for the album; however much, big or small, it will help those who need it the most. You can donate here at www.justgiving.com/pamagotchimusic


released May 3, 2013

RJ Mills, Albert JJ, The Sherbethead, Michael Nilssen, Dr. Duke, Joseph Ruddleston, Julia Hass, Megan Carnes, wirrow, Vickie Avery, David Sugarman, Dhakshila, Jason Angelone, seldelaterre, Chase Horseman, vallilly.

All tracks mastered by RJ Mills

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Pamagotchi London, UK

Pamagotchi is a musical collaborator with big hair based in London.

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Track Name: Seikilos
Taken from the Seikilos Epitaph:

Ὅσον ζῇς, φαίνου,
Hoson zēs, phainou,
While you live, shine,

μηδὲν ὅλως σὺ λυποῦ·
mēden holōs sy lypou;
have no grief at all;

πρὸς ὀλίγον ἐστὶ τὸ ζῆν,
pros oligon esti to zēn,
life exists only for a short while,

τὸ τέλος ὁ xρόνος ἀπαιτεῖ.
to telos ho chronos apaitei.
and time demands its toll.
Track Name: Blurry
I'm reading between the lines,
Reading between the spaces
Between your hand and mine.
Is there an easier way
To know if this is OK?
I see the shapes of you and me
But it's blurry
I'm blurry.

Salt spilled when the whisky took hold,
I know it's stupid I'm getting too old
For hope.
But you've thrown me,
It's blurry
I'm blurry.

There's a glance, a thought, a fleeting sigh,
Don't look up, it's a
Triangle, a mismatched odd one out.
Is there an easier way
To know if we're OK?
I see shapes of you and me
But it's blurry
I'm blurry


Salt spilled and my heartstrings glow,
Shapes of you and me and the blur grows.

I'm reading between the lines,
Reading between the spaces
Between your hand and mine.
Track Name: Epochonus Groove
Rusted words on a silver plate
Served to me with a thread of fate
I'm sitting with the madness whose faces I wanted to hide

Wait in vain for the whiskey priest
He's busy choking on his mid-day yeast
I'm sweating out the Nile alone in the waiting room

Doubts and fears are relentless and loud
I'm just an outlaw in the in-law crowd
I'm trailing empty spaces waiting for somebody
Not anybody, gotta be you

High and feasting on the August spice
My fortune lies in the throw of the dice
His curled lips are smiling, putting my faith to the test
Chances shrinking in the dying light
Shadows moving in to start a fight
I feel it in a rhythm the pressure is starting to soar


Dusty bones of a lover's bed
Leaking words that I left unsaid
The candlewax is dripping, my hours are falling away
My broken mouth is teasing rhymes
Poisoned heartache and a vicious crime
I'm spreading rumours, arriving late
With rusted words on a silver plate.

Track Name: Just Drive
Foot down, I surrender,
Take me out to the end of nowhere
Breathe, our one mistake
Might be the best we make

Just drive.

Blood and tears
This blood I'm bleeding
For a hundred years of
Waiting, waiting, waiting,

Just drive.

I'll hunger for you in the morning,
And I'll feast for you in the night,
And if a hundred cups of moonshine
Aren't reason enough,
Then I'll drown in a hundred of moonlight.

Look back, glassy tongues,
Dissection destruction's begun
Just breathe, our one mistake
Might be the best we make.

Just drive.

A thousand miles,
My soul can rest for a little while
My burdens, worsen, worsen

Just drive.


Click, one step too close
Now snap,
Tension broken like the bones in my back
I'll sew myself back together
With the pieces of you
That I found on the dirt road home

Track Name: The Hunt
We are nomads,
We are human hearts,
Worlds apart.

Who’s to say that our better halves
Will ever come back this way?
They have gone for the hunt,
It’s our time to run, cos we are not brave men

Let the fires burn,
I will find you waiting,
Run! I will run!
To save you from this wicked game
There’s a price on our heads
So look to the hills run
Like the animals that we’ve become
The hunt is on, the hunt is on

Shattered hearts
And shredded feet,
Our souls have become obsolete,
Hunger comes from every side,
Survival is the only prize.

Who’s to say that our better halves
Will ever come back this way?
They have gone for the hunt,
It’s our time to run, cos we are not brave men

Track Name: Charming Ghost
I'm going down town,
Throw my weight around,
I'm looking for you,
Looking for a new me.

Kiss and sign,
Blood on a dotted line,
And you're gonna be mine
Forever and ever and ever and ever,
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

You're giving me lip,
But that ain't gonna stick,
Cos you gotta give me proof,
Give me some proof yeah.

Bide your time,
Charm your way to my mind,
And you're gonna be mine
Forever and ever and ever and ever.

My charming little ghost boy,
The world is just a big toy,
Sticks and stones rattle my bones,
Who is it that I spy
In the corner of my eye?

My life is a sham,
But I'll live it while I can,
Cos there's fire in my blood,
Fire in my blood.

Kiss goodbye,
Your blood's on the dotted line,
And you're gonna be mine,
Forever and ever and ever and ever.

I'm filling up my cup,
Cos I've had about enough,
But my night's just begun
My night has just begun

I'll pull out my heart,
And we'll go back to the start,
We'll write on my skin,
They want it to begin.

Kiss goodbye,
Your blood's on the dotted line,
And you're gonna be mine,
Forever and ever and ever and ever.
Track Name: Pixel Warrior Princess
C'est drole ce jeux
Oui, je l'aime bien
Si tu veux
Etre superman

T'es deguise
Qu'est ce que tu caches?
J'ai une epee
T'as une hache

Couper la tete
Marie Antoinette
J'ai une excuse
Pour faire la fete

Ninja cosmique
Princesse avec
Une épée plastique

Bang bang
Game over
Try again

I like this game
Let's play again
And you can be
My super man

You're hiding from me
Leave your mask
I've got a sword
You've got an axe

Off with their heads
Mairie Antoinette
Party time
Sleep when you're dead

I'm conquerer
Ninja overlord
A princess with
A plastic sword


Trying to be a superhero?
I am mine nothing to fear
So take your gun and run run run
I like this game this game is fun

Cours lapin!
Je suis Princesse
Je te rechercherai
Sans cesse

Un superhero? Ca suffit!
Je suis La Triomphatrice!

Track Name: Breathless at 4am (I Was Here)
Fuck but you're gorgeous
And I want I
Want things that
Are heavy and
Warm and things I
Can't name so I
Watch the space
Between your fingers
Which is, I think, where
Everything begins and

Fuck but you're gorgeous
With the delicate insides
Of your wrists where i
Kissed there as a
Place mark, it was a
Flag i planted when i
Pressed my lips
There and now it
Hums through your
Veins saying

I was here,
I was here
Track Name: The Sleeping Things You See
My body’s gone
I cannot see my feet
My body’s gone

My mind is free
Take me far away
My mind is free

Lean back, breathe
It’s just you, just me
Show me
The sleeping things you see

(Come, let's run!
Through places we nightmared about
Scream and shout till your lungs give out
And there's noone to tell you you're wrong)

The things you make believe
Are leaving your dreams
Streaming through
Your waking eyes
Becoming truth

Eyelids close
Television screens
One last dose

Behind your eyes
Everyone knows


(Come! Nothing will catch us tonight,
We'll hunt down the moon because it's our birth right,
Running through the fields of this dream
Is this Elysium?
I hope I'm not dead but if so, at least I'm not alone)

Because to dream is an awfully big thing
But if you're willing to die
Then I'll risk it with you,
We'll never know without trying.
Track Name: Wonderful Life
We can be star-ways upside down-ways any way you like
We see moons and suns where others see the city lights
I know you like the fear, I've seen your eyes light up
When there's a human sacrifice
I know you like to panic and ring the alarms
But we are superloving creatures and we mean you no harm
You're never alone you know
You're never alone you know
It's a wonderful life
A wonderful life
It's a wonderful life you know